Northstar Select™ and Northstar Response™ are Now Available

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From a blood draw, Northstar SelectTM and Northstar ResponseTM enable therapy selection and response monitoring for patients with advanced solid tumors.

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Therapy Selection

Northstar Select is a liquid biopsy test that evaluates 81 genes (80 genes for single nucleotide variants (SNVs) / indels, 24 genes for copy-number alterations (CNAs), and 8 genes for fusions) using next generation sequencing (NGS). This test can provide insight into what therapies may be appropriate for a patient with stage III or IV cancer.


Therapy Response Monitoring

Northstar Response is a liquid biopsy test designed to detect hundreds of genomic loci uniquely methylated in cancer cells. This tumor-naive assay does not require a tumor sample. Northstar Response measures the change in methylated tumor molecules which may indicate whether or not a patient is responding to therapy.