Treat. Monitor. Adapt. with Northstar SelectTM & Northstar ResponseTM

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Liquid Biopsy with More Treatment Options, More Often & Precise, Tissue-Free Treatment Response Monitoring

Ultra-sensitive Liquid Biopsy & Precise Monitoring


Therapy Selection

Northstar Select is a liquid biopsy test that evaluates 84 genes (82 genes for single nucleotide variants (SNVs) / indels, 19 genes for copy number amplification, 5 genes for copy number loss and 9 genes for fusions) using next generation sequencing (NGS). This test can provide insight into what therapies may be appropriate for a patient with stage III or IV cancer.


Therapy Response Monitoring

Northstar Response is a tissue-free, NGS-based test that evaluates >500 genomic loci uniquely methylated in cancer cells. The test precisely measures the number methylated, circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) molecules in each blood sample, reflecting the patient’s tumor burden. Charting the patient’s methylated ctDNA values over time is indicative of response, progression or stable disease.